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Empowering Youth and Women Through Vocational Skill Training

The Challenge Faced
In Nigeria, unemployment among youth and women remains a significant challenge, hindering socio-economic development and perpetuating cycles of poverty. Recognizing this pressing issue, the 5-Day Vocational Skill Training program aimed to equip unemployed youth and women in Ibadan and Kano cities with practical skills to enhance their employability and promote entrepreneurship.
Assessment of the Issue:
High rates of unemployment, particularly among youth and women, coupled with limited access to skill development opportunities, underscored the urgency of addressing this issue. The lack of vocational skills not only limits individuals’ ability to secure sustainable livelihoods but also hampers the overall economic progress of the nation.
Intervention Delivered and Approach:
Implemented with the generous sponsorship of Alliance For Youth Nigeria, the vocational skill training program targeted key areas of demand in the job market. Participants received hands-on training in Beauty and Massage, Graphics Design & Social Media Management, Solar Panel Installation, and Web Design and Digital Marketing. The program adopted a practical, interactive, and participatory approach, allowing trainees to apply their learning through assignments, projects, and demonstrations.

Impact Achieved:
The program saw remarkable participation and success in both Ibadan and Kano cities. In Ibadan, 245 participants attended the training, with 224 receiving certificates, while in Kano, 280 participants benefited, with 261 receiving certificates despite the high demand. Overall, 525 individuals were empowered with practical skills, and 485 received certificates of completion. Furthermore, 26 trainees, representing gender balance from both locations, were equipped with tool kits to support their entrepreneurial endeavors, emphasizing the program’s commitment to fostering self-reliance and economic empowerment.
“I never imagined I could acquire such valuable skills in such a short time. This training has opened doors for me and given me the confidence to pursue my entrepreneurial dreams. I am grateful for this opportunity.” – Aisha, a beneficiary of the vocational skill training from Kano.
Future Outlook:
The success of the 5-Day Vocational Skill Training program underscores the importance of investing in vocational skill development as a catalyst for youth employment and economic growth. Moving forward, we remain committed to collaborating with partners and stakeholders to expand and strengthen similar interventions, ensuring that more youth and women across Nigeria have access to life-changing opportunities.
This report reflects the impact and significance of the vocational skill training program in addressing unemployment and fostering entrepreneurship among youth and women in Nigeria.