Operation 1m by 2023

In the quest to reduce the high unemployment rate and improve the general living standard in our dear country, many initiatives have been deployed by the government, the private sector and well-meaning Nigerians.

As a foundation, committed to building a virile society, we started out by getting heavily involved in the education sector with the aim of helping the underprivileged to close the knowledge gap. After a few years, having observed that the Nigerian economy was not expanding enough to accommodate the high quantity of graduates being produced, we began to resource graduates with financial intelligence training, entrepreneurial skills and leadership seminars.

We have enjoyed some good and encouraging stories along the journey and that has buoyed our
determination to reach more people with these proven strategies and modules.
Critical to the success of this vision, is to design an empowerment initiative that will have multiple impact in the community. The archetype has to be targeted and integrative.

Research has shown that to create a lasting ripple effect in an average African community, empowering women and youths is the key. Women empowerment generates growth in the community in the most impactful way as it directly leads to benefit to the immediate family and dependents.

The average African woman is determined, tenacious, strong and innovative. Her commitment and passion to the success of the next generation is absolutely unflinching.

Presently, we are in partnership with the Lagos State Ministry of Wealth Creation and Employment to
empower unemployed graduates in an internship program. 

We have a laser focus attention targeted at youth and women of all categories, young ones from the ages of 18 to 35.

The integrative approach to empowerment is one that seeks not only to inform but to transform. The model involves intensive skill training session, along with showing how and where to promote the business to attract the desired financial patronage.

Thirdly, equipping the successful trainee with the seed-capital to practice their newly acquired (improved) skill.

The empowerment is for a six (6) months cycle, three(3) months will be for the skills training and three (3) months for networking cum mentoring.

Our vision is to train 1 million peole by 2023. The strategy is to train one person at a time with a mandate that he/she in turn trains five others within six(6) of completing the training.

To achieve this, each empowered trainee will be equipped with the necessary tools and platform to practice her acquired skill. 

We hope to achieve all this in partnership with well-meaning individuals and corporate bodies. To partner with us, kindly contact us via info@whitefieldfoundation.ng today.