Covid19 Food Relief

The Feed A Family Project has been an initiative of the Whitefield Foundation for over ten years. In our commitment to Zero hunger and poverty eradication, we usually maintain a food bank for welfare purposes. Distribution is normally based on application.

With the global pandemic and the ensuing four weeks lockdown, economic activities have come to an abrupt downturn. Many families’ income has become badly hit, with job losses, halved or unpaid wages, and in case of artisans, no income at all.

In response to the challenges bedeviling the society and armed with community information, we upgraded our food bank and activated the ‘Feed A Family Project’. The objective was to reach at least 10,000 families with food support for a week. The food package comprises of balanced meal packs of Rice, Garri, Beans, Egg, and Fruits.

Our focus group are women in families, single mothers, widows, the elderly, and artisans whose daily income has been badly affected by the pandemic-induced economic crisis. Based on support from well-meaning Nigerians locally and in the diaspora, we have so far been able to reach close to 1,000 families.

Given our track record of performance, the CocaCola Care Food Program in celebration of the organization’s 134th anniversary recently reached out to us. 

The food pack for a family consisted of 10kg Garri, 5Kg Beans, 5Kg Rice, a crate of egg, a carton of noodles, a pack of fruits, a roll of milk sachets and a bottle of hand sanitizer.

Beneficiaries were all arranged according to the standard social distancing rules. Seats and floors were marked as appropriate. It is important to note that the resource center has also been fumigated since the last exercise was held.

However, the movement of people out of the facility with bountiful food packages created a ripple effect in the community leading to more needy people coming for supplies. In order to cater to the need of the community, about extra 100 mature women benefitted from the food distribution.

The Food Support Program’s objective of reaching 161 families was not only met but exceeded; reaching additional 100 families.

Feed A Family Food Relief Initiative