Feed A Family Project

The COVID19 pandemic crisis has presented with itself so many challenges in Nigeria beyond the health problem. The restriction of movement, decreased economic activity coupled with high poverty level even in urban centers like Lagos State undermines government’s best efforts at curtailing the spread of Coronavirus.

Adverse hunger makes people angry, rebellious and many may resort to crime out of desperation. Analysis has shown that during crisis like the coronavirus pandemic, women and children are mostly impacted directly or indirectly. Widows, the elderly, and families of essential workers do suffer as well.

As an organization committed to poverty eradication and societal well being, we have been
involved in providing relief materials in the form of personal hygiene education, hand sanitizers, and foodstuff to the poor and needy.

In the early stages of the Coronavirus outbreak in Nigeria, we distributed 5,000 hand sanitizers free to all cadres of the Nigeria Police in Lagos State, and in at least 4 local community development areas in the State. We also engaged in an enlightenment campaign along with the distribution of sanitizers.

Our COVID-19 food relief initiative is tagged ‘Feed A Family A Week Project’. It is targeted at women in families whose means of livelihood have been adversely affected by this lockdown. Also, we reach women living in densely populated and low-income residential areas in Lagos. Widows and families of essential workers like the Police and Military also form part of the people group we provide relief for.

We believe that these goals require partnerships to be achieved and we will be willing to partner with you to be able to feed more families and help the community stand strong in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. What infects one affects all.

Our commitment is unwavering and we are exploring more ways in which we can bring further relief to the people while supporting government efforts.