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  • ⁃ SHAPE SIP, is a Special Intervention Program of Whitefield Foundation funded by Coca-Cola to empower youths and women between the ages of 18 yrs to 45 yrs.

    ⁃ This initiative is designed to equip beneficiaries with employability and entrepreneurship skills that will help them generate income to cater to their needs and that of their immediate family.

  • ⁃ Yes, the program is for every Nigerian in all parts of the federation.To participate in the sessions, all you need is access to a fast internet(by Data or Wifi)

  • ⁃ Whitefield Foundation brings this initiative to you at No Cost having been fully funded by Coca-Cola Nigeria.

    ⁃ Please DO NOT PAY TO ANYONE.

    However, you will be required to buy your own data/WiFi to actively participate in the classes being online.

  • ⁃ Participants will access the classes through the online learning portal of Whitefield Foundation.

  • (a) Always read instructions properly and follow same.

    (b) Do not send unwarranted email.

    (c) Do not call the numbers unnecessarily.

    Correspondences will be STRICTLY by email. Given the large number of participants, responses will be slower than usual. Kindly bear with us.

  • ⁃ This is NOT A BUSINESS but a FREE empowerment initiative of Whitefield Foundation; already fully funded by Coca-Cola Nigeria.Please DO NOT PAY to anyone.   

    Qualification For Grant/Tools/Funding is dependent on meeting the set criteria by project team management of Whitefield Foundation and subject to the followings:

    ⁃ Availability of sufficient funds.

    ⁃ Number of people selected nationwide.                     

    Please note: It is NOT A RIGHT!

    A Certificate of Participation will be awarded ONLY to all who complete the training.

    All enquiries should be sent to