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In response to the plight of victims of the 2022 flood disaster that inflicted several states in Nigeria and in line with our mission and vision of no poverty, we set out to bring relief and support to flood disaster victims especially in the southern states of Nigeria.

An initiative named Operation LADDER (Laugh At Deluge, Drink, Eat and Rejuvenate) was launched by WF and partners to bring relief and support to flood survivors and their households.

Then, in November 2022, WFF was awarded a humanitarian aid grant to provide WASH relief materials to flood disaster victims under the project Operation LADDER by The Coca Cola Foundation (TCCF).

The goal was to support 5,000 households with food, hygiene, and medical supplies and prevent the spread of diseases.

The operation reached 8,759 households (52,554 people indirectly) with food relief and WASH supplies.


In collaboration with other partners including Sterling One Foundation and The Capstone (Church Without Walls) we also provided seedlings to 2,800 small-holder farmers, 80% women, to restore their means of livelihoods badly affected by the flood.

It is estimated that the intervention will lead to cultivation of 520-600 acres of farmland and production of between 3,120 to 3,580 tons of food (majorly cassava & rice).

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