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Transforming Education: Renovation and Revitalization of Atunrase Senior High School Library

The Challenge Faced:
Located in Surulere, Lagos, Atunrase Senior High School faced a significant obstacle to student success: a dilapidated library lacking relevant resources. The space, once dedicated to fostering learning, had fallen into disuse due to the absence of essential books, stationery, and deteriorating furniture. Principal Mr. Yusuf identified this as a critical barrier to student achievement, exacerbated by the government’s inability to meet educational needs and students’ economic constraints.
Assessment of the Issue:
Access to quality educational materials is fundamental to academic success, yet Atunrase Senior High School’s library was unable to fulfill this role. Without relevant books and conducive learning environments, students’ academic performance and prospects for the future were compromised.

Intervention Delivered and Approach:
With the generous support of the Chevron/NNPC Joint Venture, the Whitefield Foundation spearheaded a comprehensive renovation project for the school library. The initiative focused on three core areas:
1. Books: A diverse selection of new books, spanning 16 subjects from SS1 to SS3, with particular emphasis on Mathematics and English Language, was procured to meet the specific needs of the student population.
2. Furniture & Fittings: Durable tables, chairs, bookshelves, and drawers were provided, accommodating up to 30 students simultaneously. The library underwent a vibrant makeover, painted in bright colors to create an inviting and engaging learning space.
3. Digitalization: In alignment with modern educational practices, new laptop computers were furnished with teaching, reading, and learning materials, enhancing students’ access to digital resources and technology-driven learning experiences.
The renovation project was completed within a swift 60-day timeframe, revitalizing the library into a hub of academic excellence and innovation.
The transformation of Atunrase Senior High School’s library yielded remarkable results, reflecting the tangible impact of the intervention on student outcomes. With 100% credit and above scores in Mathematics and 90% in English Language in the Senior Secondary Certificate Examination (SSCE), the school achieved its best results in over a decade. The renovated library, equipped with essential resources and modern amenities, played a pivotal role in empowering students to excel academically and pursue their educational aspirations.
The success of the library renovation project underscores the commitment of the Whitefield Foundation, in collaboration with the school’s old student association and authorities, to advancing the Sustainable Development Goal of Quality Education for All. Beyond physical renovations, the initiative extended to providing extra tutorial classes in key subjects and conducting career counseling sessions, further enriching the educational experience and prospects of Atunrase Senior High School students. As we continue to prioritize education as a catalyst for social progress, we remain dedicated to empowering students and fostering a culture of learning and excellence in our communities.
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