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... Help A Student

Assist underserved students in Nigeria to get better opportunities to succeed in life by supporting them in one or more of the following ways;

Fund 1,000 secondary school students at N50,000 each for:

Payment for Exam Fees (JAMB, WAEC/NECO) & ⁠Extra Tutorial Classes in key subjects.

Empower 10 public schools with library starting from N7.5m per school for:

Access to books, computers and e-learning materials for good quality education and to reduce the increasing rate of exam malpractices due to lack of learning materials.

Equip 1,000 undergraduates in public universities with $200-$300 for:

A Computer System (Laptop/Tablets) to access e-learning platforms, acquire digital skills for future relevance and increase their chances of getting a job and making income easily.

One Time Donation (Dollars)

Recurring Donation (Dollars)


Kindly send donations (Naira) directly to our account:

Account Name: Whitefield Foundation

Account Number: 5400346031

Bank Name: Providus Bank


For partnership enquiries or donations in other currencies (GBP, EUR, etc.),

contact us directly using the following details;

Email: info@whitefieldfoundation.ng

Telephone Number: +234 905 754 0000 (WhatsApp enabled)


Frequently Asked Question

Whitefield Foundation established in 2003 is an impact-driven, not-for-profit working to reduce poverty, and enhance gender equality among indigent communities through improved access to quality education.

With a 90% SSCE credit score achievement amongst public school student beneficiaries, a 3x increase in the possibility of higher institution admission, and a 70% higher chance of undergraduates who have received digital tools and skills are able to make extra income and get good jobs after graduation, we are inspired to do more.

It costs an average of N50,000 to fully fund a secondary school final year student, between $200 to $300 (Dollars) to get an undergraduate a good computer system (Laptop/Tablet) and about N7.5million (Naira) to totally renovate and upgrade a school library.

We are detailed and thorough in program implementation with a highly committed team of professionals. We ensure that not less than 80% of fund received is used for the program. We ensure beneficiaries are properly screened and fall within the indigent and underserved margin, as targeted.

According to a recent UNESCO report, Nigeria is rated the 124th best country in the global education system. This is indicative of fallen standards which reflect at all levels of learning. Whitefield Foundation (WFF) is confronting this backward slide by supporting public school students with quality learning through provision of books, extra tutorials in key subjects, and access to online resources. Kindly support us in this drive.
With your support, we can continue to assist youths with access to quality education and better future possibilities. These will help in building a better and more prosperous nation.

Give a donation today towards any or all of the following causes;
i. Fund a final year student(s),
ii. Empower an undergraduate (s) with a computer,
iii. Equip a school(s) with a library.
Thank you