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About us

A note from the CEO

From the personal experience of quality education deprivation due to being the only girlchild amongst five boys to getting married to a man that was orphaned at just 11 years old and who had to learn to earn a living at such a young and tender age, Whitefield Foundation came from a place of passion and commitment.
The foundation was incorporated in 2003 and has since expanded to a nationwide empowerment organization building sustainable communities.
As I reflect on the achievements over the years, I am grateful for a supporting network of volunteers, committed staff and generous partners that has helped to grow the work.
Our focus areas include access to quality education, gender equality, promotion of decent work and economic growth, as well as poverty eradication.
Out initiatives give special attention to women and youth in Nigeria. So far we have reached about 400,000 beneficiaries directly and indirectly
I look forward to the future knowing that the Foundation is backed by a world-class team of staff and volunteers ably supported by strategic partners committed to advancing our shared mission to empower one million Nigerian Youth and Women by 2025.

  • Funmi Johnson

    CEO, Whitefield Foundation

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Who we are

Whitefield Foundation is a performance-driven, social enterprise that is result-oriented and passionate about reducing poverty, enhancing gender equality among indigent communities through the provision of quality education and economically viable skills.

Our mission

To improve the world by building sustainable communities through empowering individuals to become responsible, self-sufficient, and lead prosperous lives. Since its establishment in 2003, Whitefield Foundation has been at the forefront of providing empowerment, educational and entrepreneurial training to women and youth across the 36 states and Federal Capital Territory in  Nigeria.  In the past 20 years of our existence, we have specifically our different initiatives, programs and partnership has reached over 310,000 people in Nigeria. 

Our vision

To positively impact one million women and youth in Africa by 2025 through economic empowerment initiatives. These initiatives include relief interventions, entrepreneurial and employability skills training, gender equality programs, and access to quality education. 
In order to achieve this, we seek partnerships, donations, and collaborations with well-meaning individuals, local and international agencies, organizations, and companies.

Our focus areas

Entrepreneurial Training

We hold free business and vocational skills training to bridge the poverty gap under various empowerment projects that have been held every year since 2011. We have also supported over 1,200 MSMEs with seed capital in form of tools, business registration, and funding for their business initiatives.

Educational Development

Free JAMB/UTME Tutorials, Information Technology Trainings & Scholarship Schemes. This is aimed at bridging the knowledge gap for aspiring but indigent undergraduates. We have also implemented public school library renovations and upgrades to improve access to quality education.

Poverty Alleviation

We have been involved in medical relief interventions for victims of the #ENDSARS protest and executed food and health relief initiatives during the COVID-19 pandemic and flood disaster across many states in Nigeria. We have a food bank that regularly serves the needs of women and families in dire need.

Human Development

We organize advocacies to promote gender equality, especially with regard to education and entrepreneurship as well as Human Development Collaboration with other NGOs, corporations, government agencies, and well-meaning individuals to provide leadership empowerment resources for youth.

Our model

Needs assessment

We identify opportunities and gaps in the economy that needs to be supported and developed. We carefully study the terrain with eyes on the future and aggregate underprivileged women and youth to access these opportunities.

Tailored solutions

We equip disadvantaged youth and women with economically viable skills that will lead them to become empowered. As of early 2023, over 310,000 individuals have been empowered.


We provide networking and mentoring support to help beneficiaries find their foot in the socio-economic terrain. Be it starting a business or securing employment, belonging to a network of top practitioners, peers, and like minds can only inspire success.