Partner With Us

Whitefield Foundation is a not for-profit organization that is result oriented and passionate about eradicating poverty, engendering economic growth and promoting gender equality through empowerment initiatives.

Since her establishment in 2003, Whitefield Foundation has been at the forefront of providing empowerment, educational and entrepreneurial programs to thousands of women and young adults in Lagos, Nigeria.

Whitefield Foundation activities are powered by our belief in people becoming self-sufficient, highly-productive and society builders.

Presently, we are working with The CocaCola Foundation to train and empower hundreds of disadvantaged and underprivileged women in Lagos State.

We are also in collaboration with Lagos State Ministry of Wealth Creation and Employment to facilitate internships for thousands of unemployed graduates.

Our goal is to empower 1m women and youth in Africa with economically viable skills, I.C.T skills and Basic Business Management skills.

We also want to provide food relief to at least 5,000 families adversely affected by the pandemic outbreak. 

We believe that these goals require partnerships to be achieved and we will be willing to partner with you to be able to bring empowerment to more women, feed more families and help the community stand strong against crime, domestic violence, prostitution, child labor and all such vices.  

For Partnership, You can donate to our account: 

Account Name: Whitefield Foundation

 Account Number: 0010340395

Bank Name: Access Bank

You contact us via email:

Telephone Number: +234 905 754 0000 (WhatsApp enabled)